Welcome to my Random Scribbles

A Little about Vince

I an entrepreneur who is pursuing life to the fullest. I'm not out to change the world, but I'll leave a foot print or two. I am literally fallowing my wildest dreams that include owing the Calgary Flames. Iíve been told several times that I canít achieve what I want out of life. That logic simply wonít do for me. I operate on the basis that if another human being has achieved something, then I can at least duplicate that success. But Iím planning on going much further. Like many areas of my life, I have chosen a non-traditional approach towards a lot. While I do have extreme financial goals, money itself is only a tool to me. Ideally, everythingís purpose in my life is to add leverage towards my ultimate goals. These goals of mine are to obtain a consistent extreme amount of personal happiness throughout the entirety of a long life as well as to give the lasting gift of happiness to the world. Everything else comes secondary to these goals for me.

I wasnít born with the advantage of being financially wealthy but I was born with a one in a billion mind. I see the world through a rare perspective. I do have a very analytical mind but also employ an above average amount of creativity. I believe these characteristics give me an extreme amount of leverage towards realizing my goals. I donít have a computer inside my head. I am still human and recognize my limits & emotions. When it comes to emotions, I am putting a large effort into ridding all negative emotions from myself and I have made a good amount of progress thus far in doing so. Negative emotions are ultimately just limits. Positive emotions on the other hand are great. The ultimate goals of my life are based on the positive emotional state of happiness. I am also working to enhance and leverage my positive emotions in life.

I went public with my life through my personal website, moved from my home town of Grande Cache to Edmonton, and refined my strategies for profound achievement. Currently Iím very optimized in my focus, and am currently planning a Japanese media/culture event for 2010.

I primarily love connecting with awesome people, positively impacting others, and exploring intriguing subjects. I have an interest in so many subjects but my main passions are Philosophy, Systems, All forms of Media, & Technology. But at the same time I love having simple fun and connecting with people.

Thanks for getting to know me better. For more specifically about me you can go to the Questions page or just ask.