Welcome to my Random Scribbles

Vincent's (Vic) World

Welcome to my world, vincenjones.com. I am an entrepreneur that works in media promotions, with the goal to own the Calgary Flames. I am not out to change the world with my life, but Iíll make one heck of a foot print.

I will make sure to deliver high quality content and new website improvements on a continuous basis. One thing I promise never to do is put advertising on my website. I don't care if I can make multiple millions per year, I won't do it. I value this real estate too much. So if I ever promote anything on my site, itís because I know itís great and has awesome people behind it.  

I am a very non-traditional person. I want you to throw out all of the normal social rules when you interact with me. Go ahead, don't be afraid...hack my logic as much as you can, tell me the stuff you never think you could, push the envelope and try to surprise me in unexpected ways. Above all, be your true self in my presence here. I want to grow and I want you to as well.

Throughout the future, you will see many positive changes with me. You can track my progress in many business & personal facets of my life through my Personal Blog, my Twitter page, as well as through future additions to this website. Also, look for more multimedia content to come into my website soon.

I know that my website can be overwhelming sometimes and that you won't be able to consume it all in one sitting. I can't help it that I am a dynamic person with a lot to give.

Be sure to comment on my content, start a Private Chat with me. As always, a ton of brutally honest feedback about everything in my life is encouraged! Step Up and Enjoy!

Your dream life is waiting.